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This page is a directory of gallery pages on Wikimedia Commons. For the architectural use see. Category:Galleries.

Featured pictures

Template:Main Featured pictures are images that the community has chosen to be highlighted as some of the finest on Wikimedia Commons. The Picture of the day (shown on the right) is selected from the Featured pictures.

Quality images

Template:Main Quality images are diagrams or photographs which meet certain quality standards (which are mostly technical in nature) and which are valuable for Wikimedia projects. Unlike featured pictures, quality images must be the work of Commons contributors; they need not be extraordinary or outstanding, but merely well-composed and generally well-executed.

Valued images

Template:Main Valued images are images which are considered especially valuable by the Commons community for use in online content within other Wikimedia projects. A valued image is considered to be the most valued illustration of its kind by the Commons community.


This is a small selection of some of the galleries currently on Wikimedia Commons.

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